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X-ray microanalysis linked to a scanning electron microscope (SEM/EDX)

X-ray microanalysis

Energy-dispersive (EDX) spectrometry linked to the SEM is used to determine the chemical composition of the surface being examined (charges or mineral/metallic elements present in polymers, in addition to their gradient). It consists of analyzing the X-rays generated by a sample placed under the electron beam of the scanning electron microscope (SEM). The radiation emitted during the interaction between the X-rays and the sample material is converted into the form of a spectrum showing peaks of variable intensity, which are characteristic of the metallic or mineral elements present.


  • Characteristics of the mineral or metallic charges
  • Elementary/mineral tracers of pollution
  • Gradient of a mineral/metallic substance


ZEISS EVO LS15 scanning electron microscope
Oxford Instruments INCA X-ACT X-ray microanalysis
BIO-RAD SC 500 / CA 508 coating unit


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