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Research & Development

The LRCCP has increased its R&D capability by setting up projects aimed at mechanical engineering and the rubber industry, with the assistance of Cetim, to provide a better understanding of certain problems encountered by manufacturers. This strategy was further strengthened in 2011 when the LRCCP became part of the Carnot Cetim Institute, with a significant increase in research partnerships with the rubber industry and universities.


These projects are in general financed jointly by both industrial and academic partners with a significant proportion of internal funding, enabling the LRCCP to take part in projects run by the ANR (French Research Agency), FIU (Single Inter-Ministry Fund), ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and BPI (Public Investment Bank).


The major research themes are related to our core competencies and include the adhesion of rubbers to substrates and the associated elastomer/substrate interface problems, environmental protection and the preferential use of recycled and bio-sourced materials, elastomer surface treatments and the numerical simulation of products and processes.


Laboratoire de Recherches et de Contrôle du Caoutchouc et des Plastiques

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