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Physico-chemical analysis

The LRCCP investigates the structure - property relationships of polymers according to a physico-chemical approach. The team, consisting of engineers and technicians, intervenes both in testing and applied research. It provides support for clients in understanding the physico-chemical phenomena relating to rubber or plastic-based materials and parts.

Indeed, physico-chemical resources allow for the analysis of polymer materials or parts in their initial state (deformulation) or after changes while in service (failures and aging). They include a combination of chromatographic and spectometric analyses along with X microanalysis, plus macroscopic and microscopic observation. Damage appraisals are carried out on faults that occur prematurely on parts, including cracking/breaking, deformation, variations in appearance, deposits, migration, pollution and inclusion.

Fault-simulation (cracking, internal tension and deformation) or aging tests may also be carried out in chambers or on test machines (T, UV, ozone, fluids), in order to highlight parameters of accelerated aging. 
In the environment field, the analysis of volatile compounds (VOC, pollution and solvents) or odorants is possible by thermal desorption combined with chromatography.


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