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Other business sectors

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 This "Other" category represents 30 % of the LRCCP's turnover.

The LRCCP places its expertise and skills at the disposal of a very large number of companies of all sizes, in multiple business sectors which far exceed the aforementioned major categories: household electrical appliances, medical, clothing, leather goods, food, construction, cosmetics, perfumes, public works, electronics, etc.

These customers, whose primary interest is to seek skills in the field of elastomers, have exceedingly varied requirements. 

Most frequently requested services:

plus-1Assistance with the choice of materials
plus-1Definition of a specification
plus-1Understanding the rules of formulation
plus-1On-site technical support
plus-1Specific mechanical characterizations
plus-1Physico-chemical characterizations
plus-1Assistance with deformulation
plus-1Environmental issues
plus-1Documentary and bibliographic studies


Laboratoire de Recherches et de Contrôle du Caoutchouc et des Plastiques

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