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"Green business" is now perceived as a growth lever by all economic operators. This term encompasses practices that cross over into numerous business sectors: improvement of energy efficiency, optimized recovery of end-of-life products, development of new energies, improved management of pollutant emissions, etc.

Over the past several years, the LRCCP has been developing genuinely new expertise and is able to offer its clients methodologies for dealing with environment-related issues which are underpinned by its skills in materials and also analytical techniques.

The laboratory's strength in this field combines skills in the fields of formulation and physico-chemical analysis with an extensive overview of regulatory developments. 

Most frequently requested services:

plus-1Sampling and identification of vulcanization fumes
plus-1Substitution of significant substances in the context of REACH
plus-1Preparation and analysis of vulcanized rubber wastes
plus-1Calculation of the aromatic oil content in a material (according to the ISO 21461 standard)
plus-1Characterization of odors and links with components of the formula
plus-1Qualification of a material in contact with a biolubricant or a biofuel
plus-1Bibliographic and documentary studies on changes in the scope of regulations
plus-1Proposal of alternative materials/ingredients for the acceptance of a specification


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