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Energy production and transportation

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Year after year, the energy sector is confirming its position as the LRCCP's leading client with a market share of over 30%. The stakes in this field are enormous. Confronted with an increasing demand which is sustained by the emerging countries, the energy sector must imperatively expand and diversify its production.

In the field of energy production and transportation, the forecasting of the life span of plastic or elastomer-based parts and structures is proving to be one of the main concerns. The LRCCP thus receives a very large number of requests to support manufacturers in the long-term qualification of materials under conditions which are as representative of the application conditions as possible.  Therefore, long-term aging programs must frequently be conducted in association with temperature, an oxidizing environment and radiation, often under conditions featuring complex mechanical stresses (creep, relaxation and shear).

As for the transport sector, the energy field also has a great demand for material behavior laws which help with the design of parts.  

There is also a very strong need to provide expertise in the choice of materials in this field, which is shown by a significant demand for documentary and bibliographic studies of technologically advanced issues. Client requests are processed in complete confidentiality via databases developed in-house and a documentary network. 

Most requested services:

plus-1Qualification of materials
plus-1Lifespan forecasts, etc.



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